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The London Bridge Museum Project is looking for new people


For 2,000 years London Bridge has been fundamental to the development of London. The capital’s location was defined because the Roman invading force in 43 AD chose to cross the Thames at this point.

The London Bridge Museum & Educational Trust came into being to meet the clear need to record the history of the various bridges that have succeeded one another at this crossing point, and to tell how London Bridge made London a World City.

Initially, we hoped to establish a physical museum but this proved not to be possible, and in light of the volume of global interest online a virtual online museum has been established.

The future

We believe that now we should:

  • develop and enhance the virtual museum, to meet both educational needs and the  passing interest of students and tourists, 
  • and explore better links with Lake Havasu City – the American home of John Rennie’s London Bridge. 
The need

We want to strengthen our team with some new and younger people who can bring the creativity and energy needed

  • to develop the Trustees’ thinking into an action plan,
  • to talk to people who might help us, and
  • to consider ways to finance these activities.

Trustees are unpaid and act on a purely voluntary basis.

If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact Andrew Dyke, ideally by email at